A word about buying our puppies:
Our puppies, both show prospects and pets, are placed in carefully selected homes. 
We appreciate email interest generated by this site, but we want to speak to you personally, by phone, if you are interested in purchasing a puppy.
Before buying a Bulldog pup we want to point out some important matters:
Before buying a bulldog pup, inform about the breed. Bulldogs are not for everyone and by doing some checking you can decide if the breed is truly for you.
You should inform about the typical bulldog issues, health problems, drawbacks, etc… as well as the good points. Bulldogs have certain health limitations and are not suited for every home, if you are looking for a breed that has little health concerns, that’s not a bulldog, how carefully he may be bred.
If you want to gather information you can visit www.bulldogrescue.co.uk/health.htm or www.bulldogsworld.com
2. We breed accordingly the rules stipulated by our own Bulldog Club and the FCI www.srsh.be  
3. We breed very selectively for the sole purpose to produce our next generation of show dogs. 
We breed strictly for health, conformation and pedigree. We believe in line breeding to produce a consistent look. No matter how carefully bred, it is not a guarantee that the pup will make it to the show ring, only a few do. A lot depends also on how the new owner brings the pup up and the care he takes concerning his feeding . 
4. Show pups are sold with a fully registered FCI pedigree and can be bred from. The pups that do not meet our rigorous show standards are sold as pets. This means that they are sold with a limited registration. If we do not feel that a puppy meets the standard well enough to be a show prospect, we do not believe that puppy should be bred from. This will be specified on the registration. 
5. We are not a puppy mill, so if you are looking for a “bargain” you are not at the right place. Be aware that you will probably get what you pay for.
Reservation of a puppy:
1. A nonrefundable deposit of 500 €, after receiving the signed Health Guarantee /contract of sale, will be the confirmation of the purchase, upon which the pup will be held for a reasonable time.
2. The pup will not leave our home until he is paid for in full.
3. The pup can be shipped to non- quarantine countries. The shipping costs are extra and will be paid by the new owner. 
The pup will not leave our home until the shipping costs are paid for in full. Price for the cost of shipping will be given after receiving the deposit and destination of the pup.
4. The pups are wormed before leaving our home.
5. The pups are vaccinated and have an European passport. Full registered pups will receive an fully registered FCI pedigree.
6. The pup has a health check up by a qualified vet before leaving our home and the health certificate will be put in the European passport.

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