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This little male is DNA tested, and has been approved to be used as a stud dog.

This little marvel is co-owned with Ann Houthoofd.

Qualified for

DNA tested

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DNA tested




CH Jupiler du Sourire Doux CH Daulokke’s Honoré de Balzac CH Daulokke’s Aristobeau Du Tex
CH Daulokke’s Ogresse La Blance
Hummelke du Sourire Doux Fernando du Sourire Doux
Femke du Sourire Doux
Hendrika vh Slaghek Frederic du Sourire Zjef du Sourire Doux
Belinda du Sourire Doux
CH Jacquella Veredique Charming Bulldog's Wyatt Earp
CH Jacquella Radoucir

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