27thApril 08, Igualad, Spain


Grandson of CH Britishpride Entrepreneur “Best of Breed”& “Best of Group”!
Mister Apocalypto, grandson of our CH Britishpride Entrepreneur,handled by Toni Lopez on the 27th April at Igualad near Barcelona. Judges on that day were SR. Juan Carlos Rosas & SR Miquel Lluch ( ES).
Thanks Sandra for taking care so well of this little boy !

CH Britishpride Entrepreneur “ has entered the hall of fame. Armani, one of CH Britishpride Entrepreneur’s first sons, became “Bulldog of the Year “ under judges, J.Daws, G.Biddle-Edwards and J.Brighton. We would like to thank all of them for their judgement & Mr.Porta for handling Armani so well.


12 December 07 Santarem, Spain

Mystar Kelly, daughter of our CH Britishpride Masterpiece, became 
Best Pup in Show” at the Expo Nationale di Ferli. We would like to thank Morena for sharing this wonderful moment with us. 

Our Jake keeps amazing us more and more. He became 
Best in Show
over more then 1500 dogs
A big congratulations and thanks to his loving handler and owner Alberto from Valdegoscan Bulldogs.

17 November 07 Eurodogshow Kortrijk

22 September 07  Ostend

Our new English Beauty “ Spender “ amazed us all at the Eurodogshow held at Kortrijk ( B) on the 17th November. 
She became “Best Pup “ under breed specialist Mr.Roberts (UK) from the world famous “ Isgraig Kennels “ and last but not least…….. she was placed 3th best in show over 47 other breeds by Mrs.E.Gallant from south Africa.
A big thanks to both judges for thinking so highly of her.

Masterpiece was judged by the breed specialist Mrs. Brenda Banbury ( UK) and won the CAC and CACIB at Ostend.
And he finished “ Best of Breed”. 
On that day he became not only a “ Belgian Champion” but also an “INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION “.
His daughter, Mystar Chloé by Doran, became that same day “Best female Puppy”. We would like to thank Mrs. Banbury for her judgement.

Spain 2007

Eurodogshow Zagreb 2007

On his second time out in Spain our “Dorans Face Off” performs as a star with Mavi from Valdegoscan Bulldogs ! What a couple ! 
“Dorans Face Off” got the CAC and CACIB, he became “Best of Breed”, “Best in Group” and believe it or not “ 3the Best in Show” !!!
We would like to thank all the judges for thinking so highly of him and Mavi for handling him at his best ……

Our “Dorans Face Off” did it again ! 
At the young age of 16 months he won the CAC and CACIB and became 
“Vice European Champion” What a day ! We would like to thank Javier Sanchez ( SP) for his judgement and Mavi, for presenting the little boy so well.

Talavera De La Reina, Spain

Championnat de France à Montluçon 07/05/07

Dorans Face Off went to “Talavera De La Reina” in Spain to compete at the “Spanish Championship show”. At the very young age of 16 months he went into “open class”, more then 20 outstanding males were entered such as 
CH Mystyle Golden Wonder, but our “Face Off” amazed us again and got the RCAC. We would like to thank Anne Heeley (UK) for her judgment.

CH Britishpride Masterpiece was entered in Open Class and got the 
RCAC and RCACIB under Judge Chris Carbery.

Nationale d’élevage à Roiffé 2007

Antwerp 15 / 04 /07

At the Nationals in France Dorans Face Off became 2nd in intermediary Class and CH Britishpride Masterpiece had the RCAC, an excellent result, if taking in consideration that it is very difficult to be placed as a foreigner on this event.
Judges on the day were Mr.G. Mansencal ( Fr),  Mr.A.Pecoult (Fr) and we would like to thank especially Mr.C.Bruton (UK)  & M.D.Mc Hale( UK) for their excellent judgement on the day. There were over 200 bulldogs entered.

Britishpride Masterpiece attended after 8 months of absence, the show ring and had the RCC under judge P.Roosenboom(B).

Dorans Face Off 2nd in Junior Class, UK


East of England Bulldog Club 18.02.07, judge Mrs Di Phillips,( Glyndee)
Best in show -Britishpride Sensation, 
Best Puppy- Iceglint I’m Marvin and 
Best Male-Tex Mex Golden Syrup.

Sebastian showing “ Glyndee Scarlet Ribbons “ at Crufts 2007. 
Judge on that day was the well known Mr.David Mc Hale. 
Britishpride Missoni became BOS and Jumano Johnny Be Good became BOB    

Dorans Face Off, Jake for insiders.

Britishpride Masterpiece Clubshow Denmark 2005

Dorans Face Off’s first time out in puppy class was a great success, not only did he win his class, but he became 
Best puppy in Show “what a day !

First time out in open class, Masterpiece won his Class under judge Dawn Mantle (UK) and won the CAC

2nd time out at Luik 2006

3rd time out at Leuven

Dorans Face Off’strikes again in Puppy Class! 
He was Best Pup and became Best Puppy in Show under judge 
Mrs.L.De Ridder- Onghena at Luik, what a boy!

Three in a row ! More then we could have hoped for…but sometimes dreams come through…  
Dorans Face Off became again Best puppy in Show at Leuven under Judge Mrs.L.Ubrova (CZ).

Glyndee Scarlet O’Hara did it again

Britishpride Wild Thing Clubwinner 2005 !

As so many times Scarlet took us by surprise and became first in the ring of honour under judge A.A.R. Doedijns (NL).
What a lady, what a movement!

Wild Thing became Best of Breed and Clubwinner as a junior dog and this over 95 bulldogs entered. Our thanks to Mrs.Thorpe (UK) who thought so highly of him.
Prada from the Bullscompangie Hot news from Canada

Prada a  daughter of Britishpride Entrepreneur, was awarded Best Puppy at the World Dog Show in Argentina in 2005.

Our Dorans Ember Spark became Winners female, Best of Winners, Best Puppy in breed and BOS on the first day and on the second day of this Champ Show, she took it all and became “Best of Breed”.
And all of this at the young age of 8 months.
A big thanks to her owner Al Friesen, from Insane Bulldogs, for this wonderful achievement !